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Even as a child, my family members would come to me for advice. I was an avid reader and a natural observer, and everyone always told me I had great insight into why people behaved in the ways they did. Therefore, it is easy to see why I chose to study anthropology in undergrad. What I didn’t initially realize was how well my natural skills and interests would translate to a career in the field of law. 

On my first day of law school, my professor introduced his course by saying, “Law is the study of anthropology.” In that moment, everything I’d achieved so far in life came full circle. The next few years only further showed me how the endless writing and researching I’d done in my anthropology program would enhance my ability to thoroughly prepare for cases as an attorney.

Building My Legal Career 

I was so confident in my skill set that I opened my own firm as soon as I graduated in 1994. During my first few years as a practicing attorney, I gained experience in a wide variety of areas, but I ultimately began gravitating toward personal injury. My father performed diagnostic testing on patients who had been injured, and I was always inspired by the work he did. I, too, wanted to help others and impact the world in a positive way. That’s what I was passionate about, and helping victims of injury turned out to be rather practical, as well. Because my father had relationships with some of the doctors in town, I was able to partner with them and seek justice on their patients’ behalf. It was a perfect fit. 

By 2002, my practice had become too large to continue as it stood. I had a choice to significantly increase my infrastructure and staff or seek a merger with a larger firm. In June of that year, I chose to merge my practice with Boone & Davis, another small firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

With a substantial infrastructure and staff already in place, I was able to concentrate on doing what I do best: servicing my clients and negotiating settlements. I handled all of our pre-litigation files from their inception, through either settlement or the filing of a lawsuit. I also handled all marketing efforts for the firm. While success can be measured in many ways, that which I am most proud of is the fact that several of our most fierce adversaries (insurance adjusters and defense attorneys) have chosen to refer to me their friends and family in need of representation.

I strive to get every client the most compensation that is legally possible.

What Keeps Me Going

All of my cases are memorable in unique ways, but there is one in particular that continually stands out in my mind. It involved a young woman who was severely injured in a rollover accident. She suffered substantial injuries and had to have several surgeries. When the case was settled, we left with a 7-figure payout. This compensation did more than simply cover the young woman’s medical bills — it transformed her life in a multitude of ways. Prior to the accident, she lived in a 3-bedroom house with 10 - 12 other family members. After, she went on to purchase her own home and later begin a fulfilling career. Stories like this will never get old. Even after more than 23 years of practice, I still take great pride in easing my clients’ stress and transforming their lives for the better. 

My Firm Today

Today, I am once again a solo practitioner, managing The Law Offices of Jason A. Deitch, P.A., though I work closely with my of counsel attorney, Robert Spector. Together, we make up a very complementary team. Because I excel at building relationships with others and managing communication — both with my clients and the opposing parties — I focus my time on preparing and negotiating each case behind the scenes. Often, my ability to cultivate rapport with insurance adjusters easily facilitates effective settlements before ever going to trial. However, when trial is necessary, Robert will aggressively litigate our case in the courtroom.

Robert and I agree that by each utilizing our unique strengths, we are able to more effectively serve our clients. There is no greater satisfaction than feeling that you attained a larger payout than anyone else could’ve in the same case, so that’s the accomplishment I always set out to achieve, whether I am working a case alone or with Robert by my side. 

Bar Admissions

  • Florida 


  • Juris Doctor - St. Thomas University School of Law 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology - University of Florida